Hugh Paxton, horror novelist, young people's author, nature and travel writer
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Co-author of  :

"Work on the Wild side (Chikyu Borantia Kiko:  Yasei Seibutsu Hogo no Genba Kara ) "  (1997) published by Diamond Ltd.)

The book raises numerous conservation issues by focusing on nine threatened species/habitat projects that accept paying layperson volunteers. It is written from a participant’s eye view.  Projects covered:- wolf, (Bialowieza, Poland),  black rhino (Hwange, Zimbabwe),  Nile crocodile (Natal, S.Africa), raptors (Cumbria, England),  sea turtles (Hawaii, Guatemala),  gibbons (Phuket, Thailand), Kakapo (Little Barrier, New Zealand),  coral reefs (Negros, Philippines),  marine life, particularly sharks and cetaceans (Mull, Scotland).  

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the kind of books I like to read” “I like to write Green Holiday Guides To Britain "Green Holiday Guide to Britain  Volumes I and II  (Igirisu de Tanoshimu Gurin Holide )" Work On The Wild Side by Hugh Paxton Home Co-author of  “Global Ecotour Guide (Ecotour Kanzen Gaido)”
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